Printed Publications

Powerful and affordable marketing tool

Several shopping centres have been using our high quality printed publications as a marketing tool with great success. Now you can get you own branded, full-colour newspaper as part of your targeted marketing campaign and ensure heightened visibility in your community.

You will be pleasantly surprised when you compare the cost of an eight or 16-page newspaper with a 12 000 distribution to the cost of normal advertising.

Hassle-free service.

Our team of professionals will collect all information, write articles, take pictures, design, proofread, print and distribute the newspapers to your customers’ homes – all requiring minimum input from you.

Customised content.

By customising your content, you can achieve any marketing goal while building great customer and tenant relationships… Advertise your CSI initiatives, inform customers of future events, introduce new tenants, promote competitions, sales-drives or seasonal campaigns.


Our distributors will hand deliver your newspaper to targeted areas and with the demographic database we will provide, you can be sure your will paper will reach your desired audience.

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